Department of Student Services Directory

Main number: 443-550-8460
Fax number: 410-286-1913

Name Title Contact Info
Kimberly Roof Director of Student Services 443-550-8460 Email
Molly Gearhart Supervisor of Student Services - Guidance 443-550-8460 Email
Chris Knode Supervisor of Student Services - School Health 443-550-8461 Email
Melissa Morris  Supervisor of Student Services - School Psychologist 443-550-8487 Email
Larry Titus Community Resource & School Safety Specialist 443-550-8453 Email

Secretaries/Program Coordinators

Name Assignments Contact Info
Debbie Faulkner Federal Forms, Homeless, Parental Instruction, School Health 443-550-8460 Email
Lori Lusby Attendance, Diplomas, Kindergarten Waivers, Suspensions, Transfers 443-550-8470 Email
Lori Moore Financial, Publications, Tuition, Student Services Website 443-550-8480 Email
Marlene Stewart Home/Hospital, Out-of-County Living 443-550-8450 Email

Pupil Personnel Workers

Name Locations Contact Info
Christine Jones Mutual ES, Patuxent HS, St. Leonard ES, Southern MS 443-550-8472 Email
Mona Long Calvert Country, Calvert ES, Calvert MS, Calvert HS 443-550-8481 Email
Janet Parks Huntingtown ES, Northern HS, Northern MS, Mt. Harmony ES; Multi-Disciplinary Team 443-550-8481 Email
Stephanie Riddle Beach ES, Sunderland ES, Windy Hill ES, Windy Hill MS 443-550-8467 Email
Chevy White Barstow ES, Huntingtown HS, Plum Point ES, Plum Point MS, CTA 443-550-8472 Email
Walter Williams Appeal ES,Dowell ES, Mill Creek MS, Patuxent ES; Truancy Court 443-550-8456 Email

McKinney-Vento Specialist

Name Title Contact Info
Catherine Krivitzky McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaison 443-550-8465 Email

School Psychologists

Name Locations Contact Info
Brittney Allen Mill Creek MS, Plum Point MS, Southern MS 443-550-8476             Email
Susan Estep Barstow ES, Calvert ES (1/2), Sunderland ES 443-550-8478 Email
Jolene Farmer Calvert MS - SLE, Plum Point MS BDP, Alt Ed 443-550-9184 Email
Shemea Gross Calvert HS, Huntingtown ES; Infant/Toddler 443-550-8468 Email
Suzanne McGowan Calvert Country School, Mutual ES-BDP 443-550-9909 Email
Michelle Mercado Dowell ES, Patuxent HS; Infant/Toddler; Child Find 443-550-8478 Email
Kenneth Milla Plum Point ES, Calvert MS 443-550-8468 Email
Jodi Perez Barstow ES-BDP, Huntingtown HS-BDP, Alt Ed 443-550-8832 Email
Sue Reedy Beach ES, Windy Hill ES, Windy Hill MS 443-550-8476 Email
Sarah Shaw Calvert HS-BDP, St. Leonard ES, Calvert Technology Academy; Non-Public, Incarcerated Youth 443-550-9772 Email
Ryan Stickel Mutual ES, Patuxent Appeal Campus 443-550-8476 Email
Heidi Tracey Northern HS, Northern MS; PBIS 443-550-8454 Email
Kate Jones Calvert ES, Huntingtown HS 443-550-8810 Email
Carrie Gadsden Southern MS-BDP, Alt Ed, Patuxent HS BPD/SLE 443-550-9250 or
443-550-8840 Email
Craig Rush Mount Harmony ES 443-550-9620 Email
Shantrell Huffman Mill Creek MS, Beach ES 443-550-9903 or
443-550-9520 Email

School Social Workers

Name Locations Contact Info
Patty Berry Mill Creek MS, Patuxent HS 443-550-9211 or
443-550-8847  Email
Holly Briscoe Barstow ES, Calvert ES 443-550-9517 or
443-550-8347  Email
Joanne Gay Mutual ES 443-550-9661  Email
Kim Repass Dowell ES, Patuxent Appeal Campus 443-550-9496 or
443-550-9670  Email

School Counselors


Name Location Contact Info
Natalie Washington Barstow 443-550-9507 Email
Heather Hammett Beach 443-550-9529 Email
Kristin Ritchie Calvert 443-550-9591 Email
Megan Crowley Dowell 443-550-9489 Email
Michele Nycum Huntingtown 443-550-9357 Email
Emily Pieringer Mt. Harmony 443-550-9625 Email
Kristin Field Mutual 443-550-9652 Email
Erica Gunther Patuxent Appeal Campus-Patuxent 443-550-9682 Email
Guyle Glenn Patuxent Appeal Campus-Appeal 443-550-9711 Email
Michelle Hoffman Plum Point 443-550-9738 Email
Allyson Sigler St. Leonard 443-550-9763 Email
Eileen Snowden Sunderland 443-550-9387 Email
Sara Frederick Windy Hill 443-550-9871 Email


Name Location Contact Info
Lisa Leo, A-K
Alissa Douglas, L-Z
Calvert 443-550-8974 Email
443-550-8973 Email
Tricia Korzan, A-K
Kelly Shatzer, L-Z
Mill Creek 443-550-9204 Email
443-550-9205 Email
Jessica Himes, A-K
Katie Sinclair, L-Z
Northern 443-550-9229 Email
443-550-9231 Email
Tracy Johnson, A-K
Heidi Jarman, L-Z
Plum Point 443-550-9177 Email
443-550-9176 Email
Tammy Frawley-James, A-K
Stephanie Goldstein, L-Z
Southern 443-550-9260 Email
443-550-9261 Email
Lomone White, A-K
Julie Roehm, L-Z
Windy Hill 443-550-9316 Email
443-550-9314 Email


Name Location Contact Info
Gillian Plenty, A-E
Billy Joe Aris, F-J
Jessica Ponti, K-Q
Doug Verlich, R-Z
Calvert 443-550-8896 Email
443-550-8894 Email
443-550-8895 Email
443-550-8897 Email
Tina Gall, A-D
Miichelle Shade, E-K
Zelma Mark, L-Q
Linnea Haines, R-Z
Huntingtown 443-550-8818 Email
443-550-8817 Email
443-550-8820 Email
443-550-8819 Email
Casey Buffenbarger, Gr 9
Kim MacDonald, Gr 10
LeTea Perry, Gr 11
Ellen Oldham, Gr 12
Northern 443-550-8945 Email
443-550-8942 Email
443-550-8944 Email
443-550-8943 Email
Donna Adams, A-E
Erik Deahl, F-J
Karin Ryon, K-Ri
Dawn Mahar, Ro-Z
Patuxent 443-550-8858 Email
443-550-8856 Email
443-550-8860 Email
443-550-8857 Email
Allison Summey Alternative School
Calvert Country School
443-550-9972 Email

School Nurses

Name Title Contact Info
Dawn Tillini, RN Nurse Specialist 443-550-8462 Email
Vacant Nurse Specialist 443-550-8466 Email


Name Location Contact Info
Michelle Parrott Barstow 443-550-9506 Email
Pat Payne Beach 443-550-9528 Email
Tara Brauns Calvert 443-550-9589 Email
Dawn Nava Dowell 443-550-9488 Email
Jenna Kephart Huntingtown 443-550-9355 Email
Anita Lewis Mt. Harmony 443-550-9623 Email
Carol Laughlin Mutual 443-550-9649 Email
Jennifer Berry Patuxent Appeal Campus (PAC) Patuxent 443-550-9709 Email
Maria Hilmer Patuxent Appeal Campus (PAC) Appeal 443-550-9681 Email
Bette-lyn Endress Plum Point 443-550-9737 Email
Kim Wayson St. Leonard 443-550-9761 Email
Sara Heisler Sunderland 443-550-9385 Email
Marie Limburg Windy Hill 443-550-9799 Email
Shannon Sears Calvert Country 443-550-9914 Email
Debby Weber Calvert Country 443-550-9915 Email


Name Location Contact Info
Vanessa Hite Calvert 443-550-8971 Email
Jennifer White Mill Creek 443-550-9202 Email
Carin Fleshman Northern 443-550-9227 Email
Sherry Brady Plum Point 443-550-9174 Email
Terry Porter Southern 443-550-9257 Email
Katherine Frazier Windy Hill 443-550-9312 Email


Name Location Contact Info
Kelly MacDonald Calvert 443-550-8892 Email
Kathryn Gurbuz Huntingtown 443-550-8815 Email
Cynthia Vojtech Northern 443-550-8940 Email
Dawn Benton Patuxent 443-550-8854 Email

School Police Liaison Officers

Name Location Contact Info
CPL Glenn Libby Liaison with BOE, Supervisor of SLOs,handles or assigns all other schools, including Calvert Country, Career & Technology Academy, all middle, all elementary 443-550-8460 Email
DFC Kevin Hall Patuxent High 443-550-8850 Email
DFC Andy Clas Huntingtown High 443-550-8811 Email
CPL Jay Johnson Northern High 443-550-8936 Email
DFC Vaughn Evans Calvert High 443-550-8888 Email
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